31 January 2015

ZoneOneRadio 2.0 - now available on iPhones, iPads and Android devices

 Download the ZoneOneRadio app

The ZoneOneRadio App - now available for download from iTunes and Google play
It may seem things have been a bit quiet here at ZoneOneRadio for the the last little while, but we've been hard at work developing a streaming service and building an app.

At the moment, the stream features "the best of the UK and US music scenes" - which right now means a pure play of new music from both sides of The Pond.

As we go through 2015 we're going to be adding more music from our back catalogue - as well as bringing you the best of the new releases as soon as we get our hands on them. And we'll gradually be re-introducing more of the top quality content and shows you're used to hearing from ZoneOneRadio.

You could listen to the stream here...

...but then you'd be missing out on the full interactive multimedia offering we're developing for the app, which you can download for your iPhone or iPad from iTunes

If you're an Android person we're also available on Google play.

Both the stream and the app are very much a work in progress and we'd really appreciate your feedback.

Let us know what you think. Email matthew@zoneoneradio.com


For the best of the US an UK music scenes get the ZoneOneRadio app

Available on iOS and Android 


LondonGigGuide #82 - 27/01/15 - Your weekly, no nonsense guide to smaller London gigs

Tom Du Croz presents #LondonGigGuide your weekly, no nonsense, no bullshit guide to London gigs on ZoneOneRadio

Download from iTunes or listen on demand...

Tom says...

"70% of the tracks I am playing you this week I heard for the first time in the last seven days.

"That's what makes this show so much fun to make.

This week we have some indie for you, we have Malian rock, some ghost jazz (whatever that is) and some folk too. We also have at least three bands whose names I wont be able to pronounce correctly - at least. As always we have a 'Double Bill' from Crash Island and Courts and a 'Shameless Favourite' of the week from 2.54.

We play every kind of music – it just has to be good. The result is a mix of indie, folk, funk, swing, ska, punk, pop and anything else that takes our fancy that week.

You can find details of all the gigs mentioned and hear the tracks again by going to the website

#music #londongigs #livemusic


For the best of the US an UK music scenes get the ZoneOneRadio app

Available on iOS - http://appsto.re/i6Bp8GR - and Android - http://goo.gl/4mwLgl

http://www.twitter.com/londongigguide and http://www.twitter.com/z1radio
http://www.londongigguide.co.uk and http://www.ZoneOneRadio.com
http://www.facebook.com/thelondongigguide and http://www.facebook.com/thelondongigguide

#Souled with Susan Vickers - Welcome to 2015 -- @z1radio

 Click here to listen to "Souled - Welcome to 2015"

Sassy soul diva Susan Vickers and co-host Mitch Crane bring you a unique blend of soulful music old and new.

Download from iTunes or listen on demand...

#Souled welcomes 2015 with music we will see coming through this year and a few from the past.

Susan and Mitch try to think of relevant Alan's, and discuss Ed Sheeran's super hero status and ask important questions such as "Would you be happy if your partner shocked you with a Ludacris-style surprise wedding?" and "Could Mitch be the next Gok Wan?"

Get in touch with Susan and Mitch on twitter http://www.twitter.com/susanvickers1 and http://www.twitter.com/mitchcrane88



For the best of the US and UK music scenes get the ZoneOneRadio app

Available on iOS - http://appsto.re/i6Bp8GR - and Android - http://goo.gl/4mwLgl

http://www.twitter.com/susanvickers1 and http://www.twitter.com/z1radio

d'Angelo - Sugar Daddy
Tegan Taylor ft Chris Brown - Do not disturb
Hoodie Allen ft Ed Sheeran - All About It
Ludacris ft Miguel - Good lovin
Alexander O'Neal - Fake
Luther vandross - Never too much
Johnny Gill - Behind closed doors
Keith Barrow - You Know You Wanna Be Loved
Nicki Minaj ft Drake - Truffle Butter
Koffee Brown - After Party
Urban Blues Project - Love Don't Live Here Any More
Down ft Flux McFly - Jonni Vegas

30 January 2015

#EmailFromAmerica with Zeff - A Day at the Races

ZoneOneRadio's illegitimate ex-pat son Zeff presents #EmailfromAmerica - your weekly missive from across The Pond.

This week Zeff is trackside for some horse racing action.

Download from iTunes or listen on demand...

Zeff heads to Charles Town, West Virginia, to spend a day in the life of a racetrack.

From the morning work-outs, to the stables, to the excitement of a race meeting under the lights and the adrenaline rush of the starting gate, Zeff meets the people who work inside the rails.

Great American music this week from Onward Chariots, Nightmare and the Cat, and The Osmonds. Yes, those Osmonds!
http://www.twitter.com/ZeffRadio and http://www.twitter.com/z1radio

Onward Chariots - I Want Everything
Big Deal - Always Boys
NIghtmare & the Cat - Blackbird Smile
Jungle - Time
The Osmonds - Crazy Horse
Ten Walls - Walking with Elephants
Wet - You're the Best

14 December 2014

NUEVO SHOW: #LaNuevaArmada: Adiós con el corazón. Nos despedimos desde Bar&Co

Patricia Zamora, Manel Guimerá y Eva Fuente presentan #LaNuevaArmada el programa de ZoneOneRadio para españoles que están, han estado o estarán en Londres.

Patricia Zamora, Manel Guimerá and Eva Fuente present #LaNuevaArmada ZoneOneRadio;s show for the Spanish community living in London..

Download from iTunes or listen on demand…

Vuestra radio española de Londres se despide con un programa muy especial en el que recordamos a todos los que han formado parte de nuestro camino y agradecemos a todos los que nos has habéis seguido en esta aventura.

Nuestro último invitado es Jorge Gallardo, creador de Bar&Co que nos cuenta su historia y la del famoso barco que recoge desde fútbol hasta fiestas españolas.

En La Voz de los Exiliados Eva nos habla de Podemos. Repasamos la reciente historia de este partido que podría cambiar España. ¿Creéis que lo conseguirá?

Gracias a todos los que nos habéis apoyado con cada "me gusta" y cada vez que le habéis dado al "play". Solo añadir que sigáis disfrutando esta ciudad al máximo porque es única y no se puede contar, solo se puede vivir.

For the best of the US an UK music scenes get the ZoneOneRadio app

Available on iOS - http://appsto.re/i6Bp8GR - and Android - http://goo.gl/4mwLgl

http://www.twitter.com/LaNuevaArmada and http://www.twitter.com/z1radio
http://www.facebook.com/LaNuevaArmada and http://www.facebook.com/ZoneOneRadio